Falcon Strong

Atwater Alumni,

With over 50 years of service to the community Atwater High School has a large number of alumni and given the transient nature of Castle Air Force Base classmates who, while might not have formally graduated still consider themselves Falcons at heart. Within this group are members who have or continue to work in a wide, diverse number of fields. We want to recognize some of these for their efforts to help us all though this current crisis.

It has always been amazing how many AHS alumni went on to work in the public education field. From teachers, staff and administrators there is a large group of alumni who are currently working or retired from schools at every level from kindergarten to college. Their efforts to address the current restrictions, develop new and innovative ways to keep students connected and continue to support our students learning is amazing. The parents, grandparents and guardians who have home schooled the students and acted as a conduit to the schools in maintaining our student’s education should also be recognized. After all this has all passed, we all should have a newfound appreciation of the professional educators, school staffs and administrations for the work they do every day. Thanks to all of you.

Many of our classmates work in the health care field. From doctors, nurses to medical professionals and support personal at every level. These folks are of course on the front line of the battle to prevent the spread of this virus and the subsequent loss of life. Words do not adequately express our gratitude for the sacrifice and risk you have accepted. To all of the alumni who have followed the health professions direction to help mitigate the pressure put on these professionals and keep the numbers as low as possible. Thank you.

We also have alumni who work in the food supply chain. Retail grocery workers who service the public, truck drivers and delivery drivers who are the lifeline to getting products to our shelves, farmers and processing people who are working hard to continue to supply the products we need. In the past these professions may have been taken for granted in our society, moving forward we hope that will not be the case. For the countless hours and dedication to your profession and to support our citizens. Thank you. 

Public service employees, especially on the local level, police, fire, public works personal who continue to support us and those in our cities. Also, city and county administrators and elected officials who are charged with administrating the requirements of the public health and state officials who are trying to keep us all safe and keep this pandemic from being worse than it already has become. Thank you.

The term Falcon Strong is used often to describe the attitude and approach of Atwater High School students, staff and alumni. At times like this, when some become negative, or spend time trying to affix blame, these folks do not. They are doing the jobs we all need with dedication and professionalism and deserve our thanks every day. They are the definition of Falcon Strong. Thank you, be safe, and best wishes to all AHS alumni and your families everywhere.

Atwater High School Alumni Association