2024 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

The Atwater High School Alumni Association is proud to announce the recipients of the 2024 Legacy Scholarships. This is the seventh year we have presented these scholarships to deserving seniors. This year we received a record number of applications, all of whom were deserving of an award. Like every year the decisions were difficult. Our thanks go out to all the alumni for their support of this program. This year we want to extend a special thanks to the reunion’s committees and attendees of the Class of 1973 and Class of 2003 for their donations to the program.

Our congratulations to the recipients as well as to all those who applied. All showed strong commitment to their academic efforts during their years at AHS. In addition, all showed leadership and involvement to their class, school, and community. In addition, we want to recognize their families who supported them along the way. It is our hope that this scholarship aid them as they begin the next phase of their journey into their chosen field, always remembering that we are all Falcons Forever.

Sophia Lomeli

Sophia has a passion toward entrepreneurship in an agricultural related field. She plans on agricultural/economics studies in college to support her plans. Her focus and drive were evident in her application. In addition to her studies Sophia has been active in FAA, band, swimming, and water polo during her tenure at Atwater High School.

Her teachers point out her initiative and focus on accomplishing goals. They pointed out her involvement in a diverse area of activities and leadership within their classes and the school in general.

Her mother is a proud alumnus of Atwater High School.

Jocelyn Riley

Jocelyn has a clearly defined path in her goal to go into the nursing profession. Already taking classes at Merced College her application demonstrated a clear understanding of how to achieve her goal. As an indication of her desire she has volunteered within the community medical field, completed certifications in health and medical area. She has been active in sports, especially volleyball.

Her teachers commented on her dedication to her academics and drive in achieving her goals. They were aware of her long-term future and expressed confidence in her ability to achieve her goals.

Both of her parents are alumni of Atwater High School.

Jayla Starling

Jayla has a passion for teaching and from a young age was drawn to becoming a teacher. Her desire is to become an elementary school teacher to not only teach but to inspire her students to achieve their goals. It is evident that her desire and personal drive will allow her to achieve her goal and join the ranks of many of our alumni who have become educators. Her positive attitude enthusiasm is sure to guarantee a successful teaching career in her future.  She is active in swimming, water polo and student government. She is justifiable proud that she will be a first-generation college student.

Her teachers commented on her positive attitude and leadership qualities. The fact that she constantly challenged herself and others around her to take on the hard challenges was a recurring comment. It was obvious from their comments that Jayle will succeed in her future goals.

Bother of her parents are alumni of Atwater High School.