April 2020 Newsletter

Atwater Alumni Association April 2020 Newsletter

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Atwater Alumni,

With over 50 years of service to the community Atwater High School has a large number of alumni and given the transient nature of Castle Air Force Base classmates who, while might not have formally graduated still consider themselves Falcons at heart. Within this group are members who have or continue to work in a wide, diverse number of fields. We want to recognize some of these for their efforts to help us all though this current crisis.

It has always been amazing how many AHS alumni went on to work in the public education field. From teachers, staff, and administrators there is a large group of alumni who are currently working or retired from schools at every level from kindergarten to college. Their efforts to address the current restrictions, develop new and innovative ways to keep students connected and continue to support our students learning is amazing. The parents, grandparents and guardians who have home schooled the students and acted as a conduit to the schools in maintaining our student’s education should also be recognized. After all this has all passed, we all should have a newfound appreciation of the professional educators, school staffs and administrations for the work they do every day. Thanks to all of you.

Many of our classmates work in the health care field. From doctors, nurses to medical professionals and support personal at every level. These folks are of course on the front line of the battle to prevent the spread of this virus and the subsequent loss of life. Words do not adequately express our gratitude for the sacrifice and risk you have accepted. To all of the alumni who have followed the health professions direction to help mitigate the pressure put on these professionals and keep the numbers as low as possible. Thank you.

We also have alumni who work in the food supply chain. Retail grocery workers who service the public, truck drivers and delivery drivers who are the lifeline to getting products to our shelves, farmers and processing people who are working hard to continue to supply the products we need. In the past these professions may have been taken for granted in our society, moving forward we hope that will not be the case. For the countless hours and dedication to your profession and to support our citizens. Thank you. 

Public service employees, especially on the local level, police, fire, public works personal who continue to support us and those in our cities. Also, city and county administrators and elected officials who are charged with administrating the requirements of the public health and state officials who are trying to keep us all safe and keep this pandemic from being worse than it already has become. Thank you.

The term Falcon Strong is used often to describe the attitude and approach of Atwater High School students, staff, and alumni. At times like this, when some become negative, or spend time trying to affix blame, these folks do not. They are doing the jobs we all need with dedication and professionalism and deserve our thanks every day. They are the definition of Falcon Strong. Thank you, be safe, and best wishes to all AHS alumni and your families everywhere.

Atwater High School Alumni Association


Reunion Updates

 The Class of 1970 has announced that due to the current condition they will delay their 50th Year Reunion originally scheduled for Friday July 3, 2020. They are looking at dates in the September time period. So, stay tuned more information to come.

The Class of 1975 has announced that they will hold their 45th Year Reunion on Saturday September 12, 2020. Mark your calendars, more information to come.

The Class of 1980 has announced that they will hold their 40th Year Reunion during Labor Day weekend, September 5, 2020. Mark your calendars, more information to come.

The Class of 1990 has established a Facebook group page Atwater High School Class of 1990 30 Year Reunion. A reunion will be held, but due to the current vises conditions an exact date has not been established. Alumni who are interested would like to update on future plans are encouraged to go to the Facebook site.

  • The Class of 2000 Reunion Committee has announced the 20th
  • Year Reunion originally scheduled for June 13, 2020 has been moved to October 30th.  More information to come, mark your calendars. Information available on the Atwater High School Class of 2000 Facebook group page.

A group of alumni is working on organizing a multi class reunion for those who attended AHS from 1958 to 1965. This includes the original class at AHS and the first four-year Senior and Junior classes. They are looking for classmate information in order to contact them. If you were at AHS during this time and are interested in this event, please send your contact information to the association or to Geri Freitas through her Facebook Messenger site.

If your class year ends in a 1 (71, 81, 91, 01, 11). or 6 (66, 76, 86, 96, 06, 16). now would be a great time to organize a committee, have some fun and start planning for a reunion this year.  The Alumni Associate is willing to help, and we have some experts who have had experience in the organizing of these events and will be happy to share some best practices with you.


Milestone Year Memories

Starting a new section on the newsletter and website that will looks back at event that occurred during the month in each of the milestone years.

Milestone Year Events

The following class years are celebrating milestones this year. Here are some interesting things that happened during the months and year they graduated.  There were many interesting events in every month, and these were selected as only one interesting and, in some cases, fun example.


1965 – April 5 – “My Fair Lady” starring Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison wins the Academy Award for best picture.

1970 – April 10 – Paul McCartney announced the breakup of the Beatles.

1975 – April 29 – US begins the evacuation of its citizens from Saigon bringing an end to the Vietnam War.

1980 – April 13 – US and its allies announce a boycott of the Moscow Olympics in response to Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

1985 – April 23 – “New Coke” debuts, Coke-Cola announces a change to their secret formula. Renamed Coke II in 1992 and discontinued.

1990 – April 29 – Wrecking crews begin tearing down the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate.

1995 –  April 19 – A truck bomb kills 168 people at the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City.

2000 – April 11 – AT&T Park opens in San Francisco.

2005 – April 23 – University of Utah quarterback is the first pick of the NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers.

2010 – April 18 – Academy of Country Music Awards go to Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert.

2015 – April 1 – California Governor Jerry Brown announces mandatory water restrictions in response to the worst drought in California history.


Alumni News

  • Special thanks to David Souza, founder and owner of Corbin Cash Distillery and a proud AHS graduate for his efforts to use his facility to produce 50 gallons of sanitizer to donate to the Merced Unified School District. You can check out his web site to see more. We can attest to quality of this vodka and gin if your looking for a great drink.
  • Our condolences go out to the family, friends and classmates of John Wack class of 1974 who passed away this month.
  • Also, we are saddened to hear of the passing of Charles Kidwiler class of 1982. Our condolences go out to his family, friends, and classmates.  

Have a life event you would like to share with your alumni friends. You can submit items through the comment section of the website or sending an e-mail to AtwaterAlumni@outlook.com. Please include your graduation or years attend and a brief description of your even. Items will be published monthly on the newsletter and website.

AHS News  

  • In response to health restrictions the Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony has been canceled.
  • Congratulations to Maricela Perez, Community Liaison at Atwater High School for being selected “Classified Employee of the Year” for the Merced Unified High School District.