Class of 1969 Reunion Update

The Class of 1969 celebrated their 50 Year Reunion on the weekend of Sep. 9/12. Events included a Friday night reception, Saturday night dinner/dance and Sunday luncheon. The class had 320 graduates, of the 130 reunion attendees 90 were classmates. The class recognized the 33 known members who are no longer with us. They also noted that classmates traveled from 16 different states to attend. You only get one chance to attend your 50th reunion and as you can see this group made to most of the opportunity. Congratulations to the class and the reunion committee for putting on such a memorable event. And just remember, only 5 years until the 55th.

The Alumni Association also wants to thank the Class of 69 for their generous donation. We hope that all classes make some kind of giving back element part of their program and this class did a great job. Truly Falcon Strong, the Class of 69 Rocks!

The attached link with reunion pictures was provided by Deidre Lingenfelter, wife of classmate Loren Lingenfelter. A special thanks for all her work over the weekend to capture this amazing event. Pictures can be downloaded without restrictions through the site.