July 2019 Newsletter

New Gym Graphics Project

Atwater Hight School is in the process of raising funds to finish the graphics for the interior of the new gym. This includes painting the Falcon logo and alma matter on the walls.

The Atwater High School Alumni Association Board believes this would be a great first project for our new organization. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $14,000. Nathan Braga, Activities Director at AHS advises us that his senior class has already taken up the project and has raised $8,000 toward the cost. We believe that, with the support of the many AHS alumni who follow us on Facebook and our web site we can help close the gap.

We have two requests. First, we need a group of volunteer alumni who would be willing to work on the project. This group would develop ideas and plans for the raising of funds. If you would like to give back to your school and aid in this project the contact information is listed below. We do not believe we can achieve our goal without some other alumni joining in this project. Please join us, we promise it will be fun.

If you are not able to help with the committee but would be willing to help you can donate to the Alumni Association Gym Project. All monies raised will be used to help finish this project. The Alumni Association will be recognized for its participation and we will also personally recognize you in our newsletter and on the website.  We will also keep member advised of our progress. Donations can be made through the mail at the address listed below or through the donate tab at www.atwateralumniassociation.con . If you want your donation to be earmarked especially for this project, please make a note of that in your donation.

The Alumni Association was formed to aid the school, students and staff of our high school. If you have followed their efforts through our Facebook and website, you know that are doing amazing things with limited resources. A project such as this is one reason the Association was formed. Please do what you can to help. Thank you in advance for your support, lets show the future alumni what we do.

Falcons Forever,

Alumni Association Contact:


Mailing address: 106 Laurel, Atwater CA. 95301

President John Rasmussen – 209-648-4660

Alumni Association – 760-333-6195

Reunion Updates

  • The Class of 1969 has announced their 50-year reunion will be held the weekend of September 21, 2019. Please join their FB page at Atwater High Class of 1969 and/or contact any committee member with any questions. The members are: Rob Olzack (rpolzack@gmail.com), Loren Lingenfelter (llingenf@comcast.net), Leon Scroggins, Victor Caton, Paul Yasaitis, Jerry Neff, Larry & Bill Arnold, Monica Bolcao McDowell, Margie Villa Matus and Kelly Stanton. Information will also be posted on the Atwater High School Alumni Association Facebook site and on the website at www.atwateralumni.com. See reunion update page on web site to get a link to the sign up information.
  • Updated information from the Class of 1979 Reunion Committee – 

Time is of the essence to get your contact information to the class of ’79 reunion committee… We will be sending out invitations, so please include your mailing address along with your email and phone number… We will be limiting the number of attendees, so please respond soon… If you will be needing hotel accommodations, please include that as well… Please share this information with anyone you know who may not be on social media… We also would like information on any classmates who have or are now serving in the military and those classmates who are no longer with us…
Please send information to officialahs79@gmail.com
Thank you,
Class of 79 Reunion Committee

  • The Class of 1979 40 Year Reunion is officially under way. Date has been set, September 28, 2019, mark your calendar.   We need to contact as many classmates as possible. This is always the hardest part of any reunion planning and the committee needs everyone’s help in finding classmates. You can send your contact information to officialahs79@gmail.com. Please send name (include maiden names), address, email and phone number, this information is for the reunion committee only. Please share this information with your fellow classmates, if you would like to help with the committee you can contact the following classmates: Myna Wilson, Paul Roseman, Kurt Kessler or Trina Kramer.

William Ellis (99) advises the Class of 1999 has announced a 20 Year Reunion to be held at Vista Ranch and Cellers In Merced on Saturday Auguste 31st from 6-10 pm. Tickets can be purchased through the following website. Time to party like it 1999.

  • The Class of 2009 has announced a 10 Year Reunion to be help Sunday September 29th at the Lake Yosemite Fish and Game Building at 12pm.  BYOB and bring your own snacks.  Tickets are $25 per person and can be paid to Cassandra Fensin via Venmo. This is a casual get together, nothing fancy. There is a Facebook evet and group at: Atwater High School Class of 09 if you have questions. 

So if you want to parry like its 2009 this is your chance.

If your class year ends in a 0 (70, 80, 90, 00, 10). or 5 (65, 75, 85, 95, 05, 15). now would be a great time to organize a committee, have some fun and start planning for a reunion this year.  The Alumni Associate is willing to help, and we have some experts who have had experience in the organizing of these events and will be happy to share some best practices with you.

Milestone Year Memories

Starting a new section on the newsletter and website that will looks back at event that occurred during the month in each of the milestone years.

Milestone Year Events

The following class years are celebrating milestones this year. Here are some interesting things that happened during the months and year they graduated.  There were many interesting events in every month, and these were selected as only one interesting and, in some cases, fun example.


1964 July 2 – President Lendon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Bill into law.

1969 –  July 20 – US lands the first men on the surface of the moon.

1974 –  July 27 – The House of Representatives impeaches President Richard Nixon on                                                              obstruction of justice.

1979 –  July 1 – Sony introduces the first Walkman, the first popular portable cassett player.

1984  –  July 12 – Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first female Vice Presidential nominee for a major political party.

1989  – The TV show “Steinfield” debuts on NBC.

1994  –  Amazon is founded in Belleview WA by Jeff Beroz.

1999 –  July 10 – US Woman’s Soccer Team win the FIFA Worlds Cup on penalty kicks over China.

2004 –  July 28 – The Democratic Convention in Boston nominates John Kerry for President.

2009 –  July 17 – Walter Cronkite passes away at the age of 92.

2014 – July 8 – Washington becomes the second state to legalize recreational marijuana.                              

Alumni News 

  • Our condolences to the family and friends of Richard Crockham (65) on his passing away in July.
  • Belated congratulations to David Beltz (66) and his wife Barbara on the celebration of their 45 wedding anniversary in June.
  • Congratulation to Debby Silveria Buzbee (67) and husband Jim Buzbee (64) on the celebration of their 51st wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to James Van Winkle., son of Carrie Conlee Craft (92), as a member of the gold medal winning USA Roller Durby Team in Barcelona Spain.
  • Bobby Sheets (77) happily announced the birth of his Grandchild Brett on July 12th. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents on this special occasion.
  • Congratulations to Ferman Perez (86) and the entire Perez family on the celebration of 60 years of providing great Mexican food to the residents of Atwater and Winton. The current restaurant Taste of Tequila in Atwater carries on the tradition of several generations of the Perez family. It would be hard to find anyone in the area who has not eaten at a Perez restaurant. Thank you for your great service to our community for so many years.
  • Congratulations to Brenda Callahan-Johnson (88) and her husband Roger on what she describes as 24 years of wedded bliss.
  • And congratulations to Frances McMillan Webster (68) and her husband Thomas on their 19-wedding anniversary.
  • Amy Kidd (01) has earned her Register Nurses license from the State of California. Congratulations on a great achievement.
  • Congratulations to Karen Covert McGee (78) and her husband Jesse on the celebration of their 9th wedding anniversary.
  • Angela Dean (83) and her husband Eric celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, congratulations to the happy couple.

Have a life event you would like to share with your alumni friends. You can submit items through the comment section of the website or sending an e-mail to AtwaterAlumni@outlook.com. Please include your graduation or years attend and a brief description of your even. Items will be published monthly on the newsletter and website.

AHS News  

  • We want to recognize the teachers who retired last year from AHS and thank them for their service to our school and the education of our students in general. 
  • Rita Schroeder has 37 years of education work, 33 of which were in Merced Unified School District, the last 4 of which were at AHS as an AP teacher.
    • Craig Johnsson, 33+ years in education with 30.5 of those at AHS. Taught Social Studies.
    • Dot Ramirez, 35 years in education, 20 of which were with Merced Unified and the last 3 at AHS.
  • Olympic wrestle and Atwater HS alumni Jamill Kelly (95) attended the annual summer wrestling clinic attended by teams from all over the state at Atwater High School. A great opportunity for the young athletes to hear from a Olympian. Thanks to Jamili for supporting AHS.
  • Congratulations to Alyssa Carrillo for being selected as the President of the Merced/Mariposa FFA Section for this year. Alyssa is a senior has had a very successful career with FFA and continues the strong tradition of AHS leadership in California State FFA. The section Vice-President is also from AHS, Emmanuel Mejia who is also a senior and has participated in many FFA programs.