June 2020 Newsletter

Atwater High School Alumni Association, Inc.

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Atwater Alumni Association June 2020 Newsletter

Congratulations to the 429 new alumni members of Atwater High School. Your year will be one that will be remembered forever, and you all did a great job of navigating through the challenge. While it might not have been what you envisioned just a few months ago it will go down as one that no one will forget.  Your journey has just started, and we all wish you a wonderful trip. Regardless of your path we hope you find happiness and success. We all remain Falcons forever, congratulations on your accomplishments, you proved that Falcon Pride, and Falcon Strong are not just words but represent each of you and your class.


Reunion Updates

 The Class of 1970 has announced that due to the current condition they will delay their 50th Year Reunion originally scheduled for Friday July 3, 2020. They are looking at dates in the September time period. So, stay tuned more information to come.

The Class of 1975 has announced that they will hold their 45th Year Reunion on Saturday September 12, 2020. Mark your calendars, more information to come.

The Class of 1980 has announced a change in the date of their 40th Year Reunion originally scheduled for Labor Day weekend 2020.The new date will be Labor Day Weekend 2021.  Mark your calendars, more information to come.

The Class of 1990 has established a Facebook group page Atwater High School Class of 1990 30 Year Reunion. A reunion will be held, but due to the current vises conditions an exact date has not been established. Alumni who are interested would like to update on future plans are encouraged to go to the Facebook site.

  • The Class of 2000 Reunion Committee has announced the 20thYear Reunion originally scheduled for June 13, 2020 has been moved to June 19, 2021.  More information to come, mark your calendars. Information available on the Atwater High School Class of 2000 Facebook group page.

A group of alumni is working on organizing a multi class reunion for those who attended AHS from 1958 to 1965. This includes the original class at AHS and the first four-year Senior and Junior classes. They are looking for classmate information in order to contact them. If you were at AHS during this time and are interested in this event, please send your contact information to the association or to Geri Freitas through her Facebook Messenger site.

If your class year ends in a 1 (71, 81, 91, 01, 11). or 6 (66, 76, 86, 96, 06, 16). now would be a great time to organize a committee, have some fun and start planning for a reunion this year.  The Alumni Associate is willing to help, and we have some experts who have had experience in the organizing of these events and will be happy to share some best practices with you.


Milestone Year Events

The following class years are celebrating milestones this year. Here are some interesting things that happened during the months and year they graduated.  There were many interesting events in every month, and these were selected as only one interesting and, in some cases, fun example.


1965 – June 6 – Rolling Stones release “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction”

1970 – June 17 – A bill to lower the voting age from 21 to 18 passed the congress and was signed into law by President Nixon on June 22.

1975 – June 20 – “Jaws” directed by Steven Spielberg and staring Roy Scheider and Richard Dryfuss was released.

1980 – June 13 – The United Nations Security Council call on South Africa to release Nelson Mandela from prison.

1985 –  June 27 – The American Association of State Highways and Transportation decertifies Route 66 as a highway.  The highway extended 2,200 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica.

1990 – June 22 – Nelson Mandela address the United Nations Special Committee on Apartheid.

1995 –  June 16 – Salt Lake City is awarded the Winter Olympics in 2002.

2000 – June 18 – Tiger Woods wins his first US Major Golf Tournament, the US Open at Pebble Beach by a record setting 15 strokes.

2005 – June 6 – The US Supreme Court votes to bad medical marijuana in Gonzales v. Raich.

2010 – June 17 – The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Boston Celtics in game 7 to claim the NBA Championship.

2015 – June 26 – The US Supreme Court rules that same sex marriage is a legal right in all 50 states.


Alumni News

  • Congratulations to Cindy Funderburk Hopkins (92) and Kelly Hopkins (93) on the celebration of their 22nd wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to JoAnne Hernandez Pena (77) and her husband Sam on their 37th wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Regina Mancebo Brigham (93) and Karry Brigham (93) on the celebration of their 23rd wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Esther Valencia (84) and her husband Gabriel on their 31st wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Darren Leonardo (96) and his wife Lauren Jo on celebration their 2th wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Kelly Vierra Moreda (86) and her husband Steven on the celebration of their 32nd anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Linda Whillhoite Boggiano (65) and her husband Gary on the celebration of their 55th wedding anniversary. 
  • Congratulations to Ray Robbins (66) and his wife Gail on their 47th wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Jim Mason (89) and his wife JJ on their 11th wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Jeanne Sargentini Berry (68) and her husband Brian Berry (68) on the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.


AHS News  

  • We were all sadden to hear of the passing of two former teachers from AHS who touched so many lives in their devotion to teaching and our school.  Mrs. Dolores Mosley Maples who taught at AHS for 23 years, passed away June 5th.  Also Mr. James Higgins who taught at MUHSD for 40 years and was one of the original teaching staff with our school opened in 1958, passed away June 4th. Our condolences to the family, friends, and former classmates of these outstanding teachers.
  • Congratulations to teachers Lisa Allison, Lorraine Boothe and Dave Hunsuck on their retirements. Thank you for all your support to all the Falcons over the years. Enjoy your retirement.