Class of 1971 50th Year Reunion

The Class of 1971 held their 50th Year Class Reunion on Saturday October 16, 2021 with a dinner dance at The Branding Iron resturatnt in Merced. Everyone had a great time catching up and looking back at their past experiences at AHS.

Congratulations to the Reunion Committee berlow on all their hard, but fun work putting the event together. Members were: Linda Murphy, Audrey Wiggins, Nancy Pacocha Mello, Laurie Taylor, Cathy Boyce Schrier, Leslie Lundin Beltz, Susan Williams Unruh and Lemona Beebe Wass.

Additional information and pictures can be seen on the runion update page on this site.

Class of 1971 Reunion Update – Atwater High School Alumni Association (

Class of 1981 40th Year Reunion

The Class of 1981 celebrated their 40th Year Reunion with a weekend of fun and catching up on October 15-17, 2021. It included some members tourning the shcool and new gym. A Falcon win during the Homecoming game, a golf tournamen and dinner dance at the Merced Golf and Country Club. Special recongnition to the Reunion Committee led by Jessica Warque Hahn and her members, Lisa Courtney Lercara, Jeff Sweet, Randy Barber, Scott Phillips and Jane Lampard. Additional information and pictures are availible on the reunion update page on this site.

Class of 1981 Year Reunion Update – Atwater High School Alumni Association (

What’s New

Reunion Updates

Reunions are coming back. If your class years ends in a 2 (62, 72, 82, 92, 02, 12) or 7 (67, 77, 87 97 07, 17) now would be a good time to get a group together and start the fun project of planning a party for your classmates. For those classes who may have missed their exact year over the past couple of years due to the pandemic its not to late to turn back the clock and catch up. As we receive information on any reunions we will post them hear.

The Class of 1992 has announced their 30 Year Reunion will be held during Homecomming weekend September 23, 2022. Mark your calendars and plan to party like its 1992. More information will be comming as the details are confirmed.

The Class of 1970 has not given up and has rescheduled their 50 Year Reunion (now 52nd) for September 24, 2022. Mark your calendars and watch for more information comming soon.

The Class of 1980 has announced that they will their 40th Year Reunion on Labor Day weekend in 2022. Additional information can be found on the Atwater Class of 1980 Facebook group page.

The Class of 1990 has established a Facebook group page, Atwater High School Class of 1990 30 Year Reunion to keep alumni updated on plans for the reunion. Given the current vires situation an exact date has not been established but members are encourage to sign into the Facebook site for current plans.

The reunion for members of the Classes of 1958 thru 1965 that had been set for Saturday October 9. 2021. has been postponed. The committee is not giving up and well be establishing a new date after the first of the year. A Facebook group page has also been established to support this event.

AHA Alumni Katrina Boyle Fontanet is looking to connect with other alumni who live in the central Florida area around the Space Coast. If you are in the southeast area and would like to contact Katrina you can through her Facebook site, or send us your contact information and we will forward it to her. Maybe a regional all class meeting would be a fun idea.

2021 Legacy Scholarship Awards

The Atwater High School Alumni Association is proud to announce the recipients of our fourth annual Legacy Scholarships for 2021. Fund raising has been exceedingly difficult during the last year, with reunions and class events that support AHSAA during normal times we have depended on individual donations to allow us to continue to recognize some extraordinary Falcons. Our thanks to all of you who provided support no matter how small to keep this program alive.

The most difficult part of this program is selecting the recipients. The number of outstanding students who attend our school is amazing and all deserve our support and encouragement as they move into their post high school years in whatever way they choose. While high school can always be a challenge, the Classes of 2020 and 2021 have faced significant obstacles that those of us who preceded them could not image. To the students, and staff at AHS, we are both proud and motivated by your efforts during these unprecedented times. You all define Falcon Pride!

Congratulations to these deserving Falcons.

2021 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

Angel Flores

Angel indicated that his career objective is to go into teaching. He was active in AHS activities during his time at the school as a member of the Varsity Tennis Team and Cheerleading and is a member of CSF. He volunteered in the community, aiding a local elementary school which reinforced his desire to teach.

His teachers commented on his strong academic efforts during the challenges facing students under the Covid restriction and distance learning protocols. His teachers commented on his ability to stay focused and maintain a positive attitude during this period and had an impact on other students.

Angle’s mother is an Atwater High School Alumni.


Daniela Sanchez

Daniela has a desire to become an Occupational Therapist or Psychologist. She plans to attend Cal State Stanislause to future academic goals. During her AHS years she participated in Varsity Tennis and is a member of CSF.

Daniela’s teachers commented on her work ethic that served as a model for other students. She is goal orientated and takes great pride in her work. She is always willing to help others and is a positive influence in both her sports and academic settings.

Daniella’s mother is an AHS alumnus.

New Graphics for Gym

Thanks to all the Falcon Alumni who contributed to make this happen. New graphic and alma mater on he wall. Looks great. Teamed with Class of 2019, Falcon proud.