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Atwater High School Alumni

This year Atwater High School will hold its 10th Make Dreams Happen Assembly in December. This program is fully organized and conducted by the Atwater High School Leadership Class. In the past students have been able to provide wishes for students and families that ranged from a trip to Disneyland for a younger sibling with autism to a day at a spa for a mother fighting cancer. As alumni of AHS, we are proud of these students for providing their classmates and families with some joy during the holiday season.

The Atwater High School Alumni Association is proud to be a sponsor of this program. The number of wishes that can be granted by the students is determined by the generous support of the program sponsors and individual doners. We hope that, as a proud alumnus we hope you will consider helping us support these students and the Atwater High School families they support.

You can donate by credit or debit cards through the website on Donate/Join link above. Checks can be made out in care of Atwater High School Alumni Association and mailed to 106 Laurel. Atwater CA. 95310.

Thank you for your consideration and help. Falcons forever.

Atwater High School Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Class of 1993 30 Year Reunion

The Class of 1993 celebrated their 30 Year Reunion duing homecoming week at AHS. Several events were schedule for the weekend and reports indicated that they indeed parted like it was 1993. Attendees were able to renew old friendships and for the night, they were back at AHS with all the old stories and fun times. Congratulations to all how come out and to the reunion committed for an outstanding event.

Class of 2003 20 Year Reunion

The Class of 2003 held their 20th Year Reunion with a weekend full of events. It was an exciting weekend for all who attended, filled with stories and nostalgia of the fun times at AHS and a reminder of the friendships that were forged during those times. Congratulations to the reunion committee for all their efforts and for a successful weekend.

Class of 1983 40 Year Class Reunion

The Class of 1983 held their 40th Year Reunion on October 7th. Proving that reunions can come in many forms, this was a casual affair and provided all who came with a great night of updates and sharing past times at AHS. Congratulations to the reunion committee for all their efforts. Class 83 has a history of having fun reunions.

Class of 2001 + 2 Reunion

The Class of 2001 was not going to allow something like a world wide pandemic get in the way of their 20 Year Reunion. Here is proof you can have a reunion anywhere. Congratulations to the reunion committee and all those who had a great time.

Welcome Class of 2027

Welcome to the Class of 2027 (can’t believe I am writing that) as you embark on a short journey that you will remember for the rest of your life. Along the way you will have some ups and downs, challenges, and successes. But most of all you will have shared experiences with classmates who will become friends for life. Work hard, enjoy the moment, what you get out of high school is in direct proportion to what you put into it. Believe it from those alumni who proceeded you, the time will fly by but the memories will last forever.

What’s New

Reunion Updates

Reunions are coming back. If your class years ends in a 4 (64, 74, 84, 94, 04, 14) or 9 (69, 79, 89, 99, 09, 19) now would be a good time to get a group together and start the fun project of planning a party for your classmates. For those classes who may have missed their exact year over the past couple of years due to the pandemic it’s not too late to turn back the clock and catch up. As we receive information on any reunions, we will post them hear.

The Class of 1973 has announced the dates for their 50 Year Reunion. The weekend of October 20-21st will be a celebration of the great Class of 73. More information to come. Mark your calendars and get ready to party like its 1973. The class has a group Facebook site where you can get more information or post on the Alumni Association Facebook site with committee members information.

Reunions Support – Thank You

With several different class reunions on the horizon, it is good that classes can get back together. The Atwater High School Alumni Association wants to send out a big thanks to all those reunion committees and classes who have chosen to support our Legacy Scholarship Program for AHS students as part of their programs.

We have been able to provide support to deserving students for six years due to the support of reunions and individual donners. If you are planning to establish a committee and reunion or just smaller events. we would love to help reach out to the alumni through our social media and website program. We also can help with ideas and best practices from past reunions.

Good luck and great success to all the reunions this year. Go Big Blue, Falcons forever.

Atwater High School Alumni Association.