Classes of the 60’s Reunion Update

A very creative concept was implemented this year. Coming out of a couple of years of restricted reunion activity due to the pandemic the Classes of 1960-1969 came together to celebrate a reunion decade. All the planning and coordination came together the weekend of August 26-28th with what all who attended confirmed was a great idea and a fun time.  

Planning reunions for a single class is an enjoyable and sometimes challenging process but trying to do it for 10 years of classes broke new ground and took the efforts of many classmates. The committee consisted of members from each class year and was coordinated by the outstanding leadership of Bernie Lingenfelter (64), other members included Jo-Ann Neves Green (60), Kay Riley McAtee(62), Pam Silveria Duarte (65), John Rasmussen (66), Fred Beltz (67) and Rob Olzack (68).

Events included a reception pizza party at the iconic Tary’s Pizza on Friday night. A dinner dance was held on Saturday at the Atwater APC Hall. Attached are pictures of the party. Thanks to all who attended, comments were universally positive with a strong desire to continue this event into the future.

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