2023 Legacy Scholarship Awards

Atwater High School Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

The Atwater High School Alumni Association is proud to announce the recipients of the 2023 Legacy Scholarships. This is the sixth year we have presented these scholarships to deserving seniors. Each year a number of students apply for this scholarship, and it is always a difficult decision as all deserve it. We sincerely thank all who supported us this year and allowed us to continue the program, all donations are appreciated. We especially want to thank the Class of 60’s Runion, Class of 65 Reunion and Class of 70 Reunion committees and members for their generous support. Due to their support, we were able to expand the number of recipients to three this year. Reunions have been strong supports of the Legacy Scholarship Program and we look forward to working with future reunion committees in the continued support of the students at AHS. Donations to this program can be made through the Atwater High School Alumni Association website.

The Legacy Scholarship provides financial support for Atwater High School seniors. Students who have parents, grandparents or guardians who attended AHS and are continuing their education through college or trade schools are eligible to apply.

Congratulations to the following student recipients from the Class of 2023. In reviewing the applications, we were impressed with the quality of all the applicates and proud of the efforts of the students and staff at Atwater High School, all alumni should be proud.

 We look forward to welcoming you and the Class of 2023 into the alumni family.

2023 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

Chris Arteaga

Christ has demonstrated a strong dedication to his education throughout his years at Atwater High with an emphasis on the medical field. He has a passion for the field of nursing and has participated in several programs to help prepare him for his next step. He will be continuing his goal at Fresno State University in the fall in their nursing program. He was a key member of the Atwater High Leadership class and held officer positions within the group. He was a member of the Atwater High School Band and Guard and a member of several clubs on campus.

His teachers and administrators gave him their highest recommendations and commented on his passion to learn and serve.

Chris’s set-mother is a graduate of Atwater High School.

Neicea Navarro

Neicea has a desire to be an Environmental Engineer and had developed a passion for the earth and its environment with was obvious by her application. Her goal is to attend UC Davis and study environmental science. She is a member of the California Scholastic Federation, has been involved in several clubs on campus and worked as a mentor for middle school students.

Her teachers commented on her growth during her years at Atwater High and how she has developed into a leader in both her classroom work and club activities.

Neicea’s mother is an Atwater High alumni.

Jozella Roses

Jozella has a strong desire toward the field of medicine. Her goal is to become a doctor and return to serve her community. She clearly understands the challenges faced by this goal and has shown the drive and dedication to achieve them. She has a long list of activities, including Band, Key Club, Hispanic Youth Leadership Council, CSF, and others. Not only did she participate but held leadership positions within each organization. She has a clear view of the path ahead of her and has outlined the path she will take as demonstrated by her graduation as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Her teachers were impressed with her drive and dedication to her goals and her achievements while at AHS. They all gave her high recommendations and a belief that she will obtain her goals.

Jozella’s mother is a proud graduate of the Atwater High School Class of 1992.