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  • If you are a member of a class that ends in 2 (62, 72, 82, 92, 02, 12) or a 7 (67, 77, 87, 97, 07, 17) now would be a great time to get a group together and start planning for next year. It’s a lot easier if you start early, and by there we all are going to be looking for some fun. If your class missed a year during the past two years its not too late to turn back the clock and catch up. As we are informed of reunion plans we will update this page.

The Class of 1971 is in the early stages of planning for their 50th Year Reunion. It will be held on October 16, 2021 at the Branding Iron in Merced. For those wanting to join in the fun of planning for the event there will be a meeting on June 30th at Jantz’s Café in Atwater. Contact Forrest Lemona Wass or Leslie Beltz through Facebook for more information. Mark your calendar, more information to come.

The Class of 1975 has announced that their 45th Year Reunion has been rebranded as their 46th Year Reunion. New date is September 18, 2021. Location will remain the same at Carolyn Rupp home in Stockton. http://www.atwateralumniassociation.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1290&action=edit

The Class of 1991 has come up with a very unique and fun idea for a reunion. Following is the information from the Atwater High School Class of 1991 – 30th Reunion Facebook group page. Can’t wait for the pictures from this reunion.

From: Kristina Carr & Alice Dawley Toler

Vegas Baby!!!!!!!!!

So as much as we love our Atwater alumni brothers & sisters, we (Kristina & Alice) took a little initiative to go on the books & schedule a casual, impromptu, come-as-you-are or don’t-come-at-all-&-we’ll-just-talk-about-the-absent, quasi-reunion in Vegas. Because… Someone had to do it. 🥳Here are the highlights & anyone who wants to show up for any or all of it, staying at whatever hotel you desire, this is at least what your two favorite high school cheerleaders are doing. Please join us. Or don’t. But join us. Or else you’re totally uncool. 😉Dates: Friday, July 23rd through Sunday, July 24thWhere WE are staying: Paris HotelWhat we plan to do: Absolutely nothing. Just kidding. Kind of. Relax, pool time, libations, act like we’re 17 again, sleep in, eat. Repeat. Not necessarily in that order.What we’d like to do: Friday night meet for cocktails at [fill in the blank location] & whatever shenanigans may follow. Saturday night meet for dinner somewhere, no host (of course, neither of us invented anything brilliant or won the lottery because you’d probably know if we did). In between those times we can make it up as we go. 🤣Why: If I have to answer this then you shouldn’t even entertain the idea of coming. You clearly don’t get the concept of an ad hoc high school reunion in Vegas. 😳So that’s it. Message either of us with questions or if you need advice or ideas, because we’re kind of a big deal in Vegas. Just kidding. Maybe. But we’re not. Or are we? 🤔Cheers, everyone!

Kristina & Alice xoxoxo

The Class of 2000 has announced that the 20 Year Reunion has been moved to August 28, 2021. Information on the event and ticket sales are available on the Atwater High School Class of 2000 Reunion Facebook group page.

A reunion has been set for members of the Classes of 1958-1965 for Saturday October 9. 2021. They have also established a Facebook group page for Classes of the 60’s at AHS.

If you class is planning a reunion, or class event and would like help in promoting it, contact us and provide the details. If you would like help in organizing a group to plan an event we can help with that as well.  These events are always fun and those who participate and attend always come away happy and thankful they participated.