Class of 1981 Year Reunion Update

The Class of 1981 had a 40th Year Class Reunion celebration over the weekend of October 15-17, 2021. Several members conducted a tour of the school to renew memories, followed by a winning AHS Homecoming Game. A golf tournament was followed by a dinner dance at the Merced Golf and Country Club.

Congratulations to Reunion Committee Chari Jessica Warque Hahn and the team of Lisa Courtney Lercara, Jeff Sweet, Randy Barber, Scott Phillips, and Jane Lampard.  They are already planning for the 45th in five years. A very smart committee, but then they now know how much fun reunion committees can have.  So if you missed all this fun it will not be long before you get another opportunity. The Class of 81 Rockes, but then from looking at the pictures it looks like they already knew that.

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