September 2019 Newsletter

Atwater Alumni Association September 2019 Newsletter

Freddy’s Closet

UPDATE:  A special thanks to all the alumni who responded to the information on Freddy’s Closet with donations to clothes and funds to support this program. Due to your actions and in addition to the clothes the Alumni Association has presented at $250 check to Freddy’s Closet to help the students of AHS. Falcon alumni are the best!

As alumni of Atwater High School, we are all aware of the economic realities of the Atwater/Winton area serviced by our school. While never great the conditions were exasperated by the loss of the base in the mid 90’s. While never affluent our hometowns have always been occupied by hard working, dedicated and loyal residents. That tradition continues today and includes the students of AHS. The economic conditions put a strain on some families and student’s ability to meet the basic necessities of life. Freddy’s Closet was established by the administration at AHS to try and aid in those challenges.

Freddy’s Closet is a location where donated new and used clothing and basic necessities are available to students at no cost.  The Atwater High School Alumni Association is a proud supporter of Freddy’s Closet and we hope all alumni will consider this option if you have items that are no longer needed, or you want to donate to a worthy cause that helps our future alumni.  Thank you in advance for your help. Falcons forever!

The follow are items of special need at this time. Thank you for your consideration and for any help you can provide.

  • Coats, jackets, sweaters and any warm weather clothing.
  • Hygiene products (soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions). Travel size bottles from hotels. Toothbrushes and toothpaste (maybe samples that dentists distribute)
  • Backpacks
  • Suits, slacks for boys, dresses for girls, items they can wear to an interview.

Donations can be made in person to the AHS office or mailed to the school in care of Atwater High School, Freddy’s Closet, 2201 Fruitland Ave., Atwater CA. 95301. Cash donations for Freddy’s Closet can be made to the Atwater High School Alumni Association by credit/debit card though the AHSAA website, please notate on the donation that it is dedicated to Freddy’s Closet. Or you can mail a check in care of the Association to 106, Laurel, Atwater CA. 95301.


Reunion Updates

The Class of 69 held their 50th Year Reunion during the month. It was a great success. Over 130 people attended the event, which included a reception on Friday night, a dinner/dance on Saturday and a luncheon on Sunday. Classmates traveled from 16 different states to attend. A review and pictures are available on the Alumni Association website at


 The Class of 1979 held their 40th Year Reunion during the weekend of September 28th. The weekend began with a reception at the historic Tary’s Pizzeria, followed by an after party at Myma’s. The highlight of the weekend was a dinner/dance at the Elks Club in Merced. The culmination of the weekend was a Sunday brunch at Books Ranch in Atwater. A review of the event and pictures are available on the Alumni Association website at

  • The Class of 1980 has announced the date of their 40 Year Reunion. Mark your calendar for the last weekend of September 2020 and get ready to party like its 1980 again. This class is doing it right by getting started early and we predict a great party.
  • The Class of 2000 Reunion Committee has announced they will hold a 20 Year Reunion on June 13, 2020. More information to come, mark your calendars and prepare to party with your classmates.
  • A group of alumni is working on organizing a multi class reunion for those who attended AHS from 1958 to 1965. This includes the original class at AHS and the first four-year Senior and Junior classes. They are looking for classmate information in order to contact them. If you were at AHS during this time and are interested in this event, please send your contact information to the association at  or to Geri Freitas (62) through her Facebook Messenger site.

If your class year ends in a 0 (70, 80, 90, 00, 10). or 5 (65, 75, 85, 95, 05, 15). now would be a great time to organize a committee, have some fun and start planning for a reunion this year.  The Alumni Associate is willing to help, and we have some experts who have had experience in the organizing of these events and will be happy to share some best practices with you.

Milestone Year Memories

Starting a new section on the newsletter and website that will looks back at event that occurred during the month in each of the milestone years.

Milestone Year Events

The following class years are celebrating milestones this year. Here are some interesting things that happened during the months and year they graduated.  There were many interesting events in every month, and these were selected as only one interesting and, in some cases, fun example.


1964 Sep. 27 – Warren Commission report finds that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

1969 – Sep. 22 – Willie Mays becomes only the second player in history to hit 600 home runs.

1974 – Sep. 2 – President Gerald Ford signs the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (IRA),

1979 – Sep. 7 = The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network began broadcasting (ESPN)

1984 – Sep. 10 – First episode of the daily show “Jeopardy” premiers with Alex Trebek as host.  

1989 – Sep. 19 – Colin Powell is appointed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

1994 – Sep. 14 – MLB owners cancel the rest of the season and World Series.

1999 – Sep. 20 – TV crime drama “Law and Order Special Victims” starring Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni premiers on NBC.  The series continues to air today.

2004 – Sep. 15 – The US. State Department places Saudi Arabia on its list of countries of particular concern over its severe violations of religious freedom.

2009 – Sep. 14 – Patrick Swayze dies of Pancreatic Cancer at the age of 57.

2014 – Sep 25 – Eric Holder. First African American to serve as Attorney General of the United States resigns after six years in the position.

Alumni News 

  • The Atwater High School Alumni Association has added a new element to the website. A What’s New features has to the front page of the site to show the most current additions and a link to view them.
  • Special thanks to the following alumni for their donations this month: Jeff Braga (66), Barbara Braga (68), Tim Brown (85), Judy Crotts (66), Jim Crotts (66), Catherine Coatney (66(, Bev Bracy Forker (65), Steve Forker (66), Carol Mancebo Davis (67), Lance Davis (66), Catherine Coatney (66),       Cherie Steck (90), Cheri Griffin Mattos (66), Mike Prows (66), Linda Salles (66), Jon Lebeda (66), Keith McIntire (66), David Harrison (77), Jerry Cardoza (66), Doug Whiteley (66), Johnel Maryland (66). We appreciate your support of the Alumni Association and AHS.
  • The Association was saddened to hear of the loss of Greg Mooradian (65). After high school Greg went on to receive his PhD from UCSD and had a very successful career in the science and technology field. He will be missed by his family, friends and classmates who all are thankful that they knew him in life.
  • Congratulations to Cher Doepel (80) and Jimmie Poole on the announcement of their engagement.
  • Congratulations to Angela Jackson (93) and her husband John on celebrating their 17-wedding anniversary.
  • And congratulations to Robin Graham (81) and her husband Manuel on their 9th wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Michele Uribe (93) and Daniel Uribe (96) on their second wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Tommie Moon (76) and his wife Renel on the celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary. And since Renel is also the PA announcer for the SF Giants…Go Giants!
  • Carol McMillan Chandler (65) and her husband John celebrated their 52-wedding anniversary this month.
  • Congratulations to Julia Timmons (06) and her husband Kerry on the celebration of their 4th wedding anniversary.
  • Beth Pickle-Jones (82) celebrated her 30 years of teaching, and Tiffany Pickle (88) celebrated her 5th year of teaching with the Livingston Unified School District. Thanks to both for their contribution to all the students.
  • Congratulations to Chelsea Stephens Herrera (93) and her husband Carlos on the celebration of their 7th wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations to Becky Alanis-Albright (92), and Frank Albright (87) on the celebration of the 24th wedding anniversary.

Have a life event you would like to share with your alumni friends. You can submit items through the comment section of the website or sending an e-mail to Please include your graduation or years attend and a brief description of your even. Items will be published monthly on the newsletter and website.

AHS News  

  • Mark your calendar for the annual Atwater High School FFA plant sale on October 11-12.
  • This month the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, State Assemblyman Adam Gray, State Senator Ann Caballero, State Board of Education member Ting Sun and several District and local leaders toured AHS to observe the largest FFA chapter in the nation and the CTE (Career and Technical Education) Program that has been recognized for its student involvement and performance. Congratulations to the faculty and staff at AHS, you make us all Falcon Proud.
  • The Atwater City Council recognized Atwater FFA Floral Shop managers Perla Caballero and Supreet Gandhok for creating the wreaths used by the city during the Atwater 911 Memorial.   
  • The AHS Band introduced their new uniforms at a competition recently.